The Feeling РRos̩

The Feeling is one of those bands that seem to fly just below my music radar. Of course I’d heard of them, they were hyped quite frequently by Radio 1, but I never seemed to link the band to any songs. I’d hear songs like “Sewn” and “Fill My Little World” and love them, but it’s only recently that I realised they were done by the same group.

So I bought their album Twelve Stops and Home and like most of the songs. My favourite, by far, is Rosé.

I love ya, especially today.

It’s a beautiful love song. The kind that starts slowly with just a piano and guitar, but gradually builds with drums and backing vocals and makes you feel quite sad, if you happen to be in that frame of mind. Or it would, if you didn’t listen to the words.

You and your friends, in boxes of tens
Cool to the touch, you warm me so much
The white to your left and the red to your right, were all that I’d seen
Til I realised, the love that I seek, lies right in-between

It then builds to this:

Don’t let him put you down
I won’t let him put you down
‘Cos your as good as the rest and you’re much better dressed
I think pink is my colour, I won’t drink from no other, never!

I love that they’ve put these words to what could have been just another soppy tune. It’s been on repeat for hours.