The 10 Commuting Commandments

It’s only been 5 months since our company moved to Covent Garden, and I am now a jaded London Commuter. I was young and naive and initially enjoyed my quiet time reading and the bit of excersise to the office. I always wondered why people were in such a rush to get to work but now, 5 months (3 hours per day) down the line, I realise that they just want the commuting-nightmare to be over. I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 annoyances; each could be solved if everyone took the time to think about other people.

  1. Do not stop dead for no reason when I’m walking behind you.
  2. Do not shriek “can you move down pleeeease”, without first checking there is room for us to move to.
  3. If you are with company, do not take up the whole flight of stairs/bridge/pavement – the rest of us are trying to walk faster than a snail.
  4. Do not smack your handbag/manbag into my head, just because I got on the train earlier than you and got a seat.
  5. Do not walk against (or diagonally across) the flow of others.
  6. Do not keep your mobile ring volume set to “I’VE GOT FRIENDS” mode.
  7. Do not to talk (shout) into your mobile so that people in the next carraige can hear you (no, we can’t believe what Tracy did last night either).
  8. Tourists: If you take a photo, do not expect me to wait patiently while you line up the perfect shot.
  9. Do not sniff incessantly.
  10. Basic Government Health Advice: Do not sneeze/cough unless you cover your mouth – we do not want your bird flu.

What gets your blood boiling about your commute?


5 Responses to “The 10 Commuting Commandments”

  1. Keysie says:

    Can I add –

    11. If you really must carry an umberella, please keep it at an angle so that you can see where you are going, I dislike having to jump out the way to save my eyeballs.

    12. If you are going to cut across my path whilst pulling your luggage behind you, don’t get upset when I walk into it, purposely and with extreme force.

  2. Chris Lienert says:

    These probably only apply to Perth, Australia…
    13. Allow people to actually leave the train before you attempt to board.
    14. During peak hour, move away from the doors to allow other people to get on board. They would also like to get home.
    15. Do not occupy as many seats as possible and then appear upset that someone else would like to sit on one of them.

  3. How says:

    >What gets your blood boiling about your commute?

    Um. Doesn’t really get my blood boiling but the icky black stuff that comes out of your nose after a jaunt on the underground is pretty funky. Mmmm carcinogenelicious.

  4. Small Paul says:

    16. Sometimes, just sometimes, consider letting someone else go first, rather than plunging forward and getting through the mass of bodies by sheer force of will.

    17. People do need to get off the train before you get on. Give them room.

    18. It never hurts to smile a bit.

    19. No-one’s forcing you into this. If you hate it so much, quit your job, and find something else to do.

  5. emma says:

    Chris: Those definitely apply to London too.

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