Web standards content is platform agnostic

A while ago I wrote ‘It’s not HTML5! But that’s ok’ and then I finished a web standards version of The Guardian’s interactive in order to prove they do not require Flash. So when I saw I had been mentioned on The Guardian website’s technology section I was excited! Continue reading

Guardian interactive review: Flash vs. web standards

The Guardian Interactive Team use Flash, almost exclusively, to create data visualisations and infographics for interactive content on guardian.co.uk. The two main reasons are that it is quick to build and that it looks identical in all browsers. Continue reading

Inside guardian.co.uk – gallery redesign

The Guardian has just resdesigned their gallery pages and it’s the piece of work I’m most proud of. I’ve written a post detailing some of the technical aspects about it on the insideguardian.co.uk blog.

Introducing our new picture galleries

Inside guardian.co.uk blog post

I’ve just written a post over at the Inside guardian.co.uk blog about how, as a team, we’re trying to improve the client-side for our users.