Google: Accessible Search

Google recently unveiled it’s Accessible Search, which prioritises the search results to favour pages that are more easily used by partially-sighted and blind users. Good work, but it was too much to expect that they would listen to their own advice and ensure their own pages conformed to any standards or took account of any accessibility guidelines. Continue reading

Crazy – Gnarls Barkley

This is the lastest offering being pimped by Radio 1 and features on the television advert for Zane Lowe’s show. I’m quite glad that Radio 1 is still playing stuff that I love the first time I hear it because I’m way outside of their target audience age (15-24). Continue reading

Web Applications on PDAs

A few months ago, the company I work for wanted me to migrate our existing application to PDAs or smartphones. As I’d never developed for this environment before I began to research for it. It isn’t a definitive document but simply lists various ideas and capabilities of handheld devices to operate web applications. Continue reading

The JCB Song – Nizlopi

Radio 1 seem to be pushing this song quite a lot, so I suppose it’ll either be Christmas or New Year Number 1.

It’s a really cute song about how great Dads are. Continue reading

Al-Salam, Oxford

Perhaps they were over-stretched

It was a Saturday night and all of our first choice restaurants were fully booked with up to an hour’s wait for a table. Al-Salam was to be our saviour and they found my boyfriend and me a romantic table for two in a quiet spot at the back of the restaurant. Except that it wasn’t quiet and not in the slightest bit romantic. Continue reading

Opera Removes Ad Banner

At last I no longer have to feel cheap and stubborn by not shelling out to Opera so that I can have the privilege of an ad free browser. The adverts didn’t visually annoy me, but I clicked accidentally once too often on a text advert when I was reaching for a tab underneath them.

Opera removes the ad banner

My site’s layout has much to be desired when viewed in Opera. I will get round to fixing it eventually.

The Speakers – @media2005

I have already given my account of the conference as a whole and thought I would write a bit more on some of the speakers and what I learnt from them. Continue reading

My First Conference – @media2005

I had mixed emotions as the days got nearer to @media. I knew that I would enjoy each of the presentations and that I would come away knowing more than before, but because I am not much of a mingler I was worried that I would be sat on my own for the coffee breaks and that there would be empty seats around me during the presentations. How wrong could I be? Continue reading

Google Epic

An amazing look into the future of the web, mainly the domination of search engines to ‘feed’ us our news.

EPIC 2014

Ivan Noble 1967-2005

As an avid reader of the BBC News website, I was saddened to read that Ivan Noble had passed away aged 37. He had been writing a diary about his treatment for a brain tumour for the past two years and I read every single one. Those who did hoped that this day wouldn’t come, but knew deep down that it would. Each article made you put the small worries of your own life into perspective.


Pride and Joy

Little Miss Reliable

My little Clio and I have travelled the UK far and wide together – Canterbury, Liverpool and Edinburgh to name a few – and I’m going to miss it when I eventually sell it. I’ve done 75,000 miles over nearly 9 years, which actually isn’t that much and is average for a car of this age, and it still nips around as if it were made yesterday. Continue reading