Punkchip’s Delurker Day

I’ve always wondered who reads this site, apart from my friends, and occasionally I get to find out when people post comments. I think anyone with a web log will agree that getting comments is exciting and it is nice to see what people are thinking or to know that someone has enjoyed your post or feels strongly enough to give their views on a particular subject.

Definition of a Lurker

One of the ‘silent majority’ in a electronic forum; one who posts occasionally or not at all but is known to read the group’s postings regularly. When a lurker speaks up for the first time, this is called ‘delurking’.


Jumping on the Bandwagon

Following Veerle’s successful ‘Are you a lurker? If you are it’s De-Lurking time’, I thought I would see if I can entice anyone out by holding my own delurker day. Unfortunately I don’t have any free stuff to give away, you’ll just have to be content with seeing your name in lights.

The idea is that everyone who comes here (to nose around, read something for a break, find out what I’m up to or just stumbles across this post) should add a comment with their name and a comment. That’s as easy as it is. You don’t have to write anything wildly witty or meaningful, just a ‘Hi, I read this sometimes’ will do. Just so I know if there are people who read this that I don’t know about – it’s all very exciting (unless I only get friends commenting, but obviously I love your comments too).

So come on delurk now, this is your chance to give in and show your presence (this includes my boyfriend!).


6 Responses to “Punkchip’s Delurker Day”

  1. paul haine says:

    You wanna feel my presence, baby?

  2. Zach Inglis says:

    *snickers at Paul*

  3. Jon says:

    Delurking spoils the voyeurism of the lurking itself.
    I do now consider myself delurked. What a weight off my shoulders!

  4. Zo (the famous lil sis) says:

    I am currently delurking :) is this evidence enough to show i read your website?? hehe have a nice day now!

  5. Chris Lienert says:

    Perhaps you should offer a web link – if it’s good enough to list as an extra on the back of a DVD, it’s good enough to offer as a prize.

  6. Chris says:

    By writing this I just want it known thay I’m not admitting to not having visited in ages mate.

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