Punkchip’s 1st Birthday

It’s that time of year when web loggers everywhere sum up the year gone by. Also, I couldn’t let a certain small milestone pass by without a mention: Punkchip has been online for 1 year (since Friday 16th December 2004).

From then I have racked up the following statistics:

  • 28 posts
  • 11 categories

I admit, that is a pretty poor amount of posts and I will strive to rectify this in the new year. That is the first new year’s resolution that I have made, hopefully one that will not fall by the wayside. To ensure that this resolution succeeds I must connect my new computer, which has been sat doing nothing much for the last few weeks, to the Internet – so now I have a 2nd resolution that could unwittingly foil the first. So much pressure.

Here are a few of the year’s highlights – thankfully there have been more, but unfortunately I didn’t post on them so this is what I’m left with:

  1. I’ve learnt to ski in Tignes, France.
  2. Started working in London, something I didn’t think I would have been able to do a year ago.
  3. Standardised and validated my company’s website – it gave me huge satisfaction knowing I’d put time and effort into making our corporate website usable and accessible to all.
  4. Attended my first conference.

My new year’s resolutions are:

  1. Connect my computer to the Internet, wirelessly
  2. Write more posts
  3. Redesign punkchip
  4. Move out of parents’ house – closer to work Moving into rented flat on 1st September
  5. Start and complete the first Sun Certification for Java Programming exam Not necessary because I’m not going down the back-end development route
  6. Not worry about turning 27 years old
  7. Upgrade to a newer version of WordPress

Do you have any recurring resolutions or ones that are a bit different from the norm this year?

Enjoy Christmas, I’ll be back in the New Year


10 Responses to “Punkchip’s 1st Birthday”

  1. Zach Inglis says:


    Not many posts I know but well done all the same. You haven’t left it here to rot.

  2. Small Paul says:

    Isn’t it “wayside”? :)

    Nothing quite beats 8 Mb broadband in bed. Man, when did I get that nerdy? Hey ho.

  3. How says:

    I’ve got an extra resolution for ya: take How out for that birthday drink you promised :)

    Mine, off the top of my head:

    * Get a photo on Flickr with 1000 views
    * Get a job abroad
    * Learn to be a better cook

  4. Emma says:

    Small Paul: You’re right. I was so sure I checked that spelling as well.

    How: Sure, I’ll drop you an email later.

  5. Keysie says:

    So how are these new years resolutions coming along then??

  6. emma says:

    Well I’ve successfully upgraded to WordPress 2 and also started a posting schedule and hope to be able to write at least 1 post a fortnight.

  7. Keysie says:

    And what of “broadband in bed”?

  8. emma says:

    Am now connected wirelessly. Still not broadband in bed as there are about 5 thick stone walls in the way.

    Just need to get the booster working now.

  9. Emma says:

    As of 1st September I will be living in London – more Autumn, than Summer in the city.

  10. JacKP says:

    Well, that’s one more ticked off… and frankly, dear, at 27/28 you’ve got nothing to worry about. I’m 31. At thirty, you can still pretend that you are young-ish; at 31 you’re “in your thirties” and there’s nothing you can ever do to stop getting older (apart from die, of course, but frankly I think that’s an even worse option).

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