Pride and Joy

Little Miss Reliable

My little Clio and I have travelled the UK far and wide together – Canterbury, Liverpool and Edinburgh to name a few – and I’m going to miss it when I eventually sell it. I’ve done 75,000 miles over nearly 9 years, which actually isn’t that much and is average for a car of this age, and it still nips around as if it were made yesterday.

The Sporty Replacement

As much as I loved my clio, it was time to move on. It’s been 4 years in the making, but finally the day has arrived when I own my dream car. However, if money were no object I would have gone for the Top Gear favourite – the Aston Martin DB9. As money is an object, one that I would like to have more of, so I now own a Celica which at present it is sitting in my driveway sparkling away like a diamond. It’s as close to a sparkly as I’ll be getting for a long time.

Here are the specs, if you’re interested:

  • Toyota Celica 1.8 ST
  • 1998 – R registration
  • 105bhp
  • 1796 cc (whatever that means)

It is simply beautiful, to my eyes anyway.

The Forgotten

So if any of you (all 2 that read this) want a gorgeous little run around, I’m looking for £1300. It’s a racing green Renault Clio, 1997 – P registration, 1.2 Club Med edition (5 doors, central locking, drivers air bag and sun roof), very cheap on petrol and can really go when she wants!

Update 07 June 2005: I have now grown tired of the DB9. If you were thinking of buying me one, I wouldn’t bother. Instead spend your money on a Mercedes SLR Maclaren.


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  1. paul haine says:

    “So if any of you (all 2 that read this) want a gorgeous little run around, I’m looking for £1300.”

    Is that for a whole night, or by the hour?

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