New Camera & Photographs

My old camera died the way most fiddly-electronics seem to with one of its buttons becoming permanently stuck down, meaning it wouldn’t even switch on. It would have cost £60 to fix and so they recommended I just go for a new one. So after a few days eBaying I won an Olympus C-60 Zoom. It isn’t a new model, but it was cheap, has 6.1 megapixels and a lot of preset functions which is good for me as I’m not the world’s greatest photographer.

The results of a night out with my new camera can be found at my Flickr account, which was created only so that I could add comments to the @media pictures.


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  1. Chris Lienert says:

    I wonder if electronic repair stores actually do anything beyond recommend that people buy new ones.

  2. Emma says:

    Perhaps they’re too busy. My sister was told exactly the same thing about her camera.

  3. paul haine says:

    I was told the same about my old monitor, and when my battery died on an old mobile phone I was told to just get a new phone instead, it would be easier. Things just aren’t built to last and be easily fixable these days – they’re built to last a couple of years (if that) and then be thrown away in favour of the latest model.

  4. Keysie says:

    I personally think things are still easily fixable, like M’s camera for example. However, the problem is when you take it to a shop you’re greeted by sales people, not the sort of person that is happy taking a camera apart and changing a button. If you want it fixed, then they’ll have to send it away (you’ll pay the postage), so it’ll take time and you’ll have to pay however much they want to charge, which to be honest, is probably enough to make you want to buy a newer model.

    My own story of electronic gadgets breaking is actually quite pleasant. My minidisc player / recorder decided that it no longer wanted to record and if I foolishly decided to stick in an MD that’s not write protected, well it would format that. I went directly to Sony and told them that it was about 6 months out of warranty but I’d be very grateful if they fixed it for me, I had a whole speech prepared, but they said “OK, send it to us, we’ll get it fixed or replace it and we’ll pay the delivery cost of getting it back to you.” All in all it took about a week.

    It still works to this day, but its been replaced by a Sony MP3 player.

  5. Emma says:

    I didn’t go to the place it was bought (eBay again), I went to a well recommended camera repair shop near where I live. Salespeople aren’t likely to recommend fixing a camera because they get their commission by selling you a newer model.

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