3 Responses to “WCAG: Metadata for Semantic Information”

  1. Semantic is very important to secure more relevance to search robots, like Google, Yahoo…

    You can use semantic id and class names, helping the accessibility of your Website too.

  2. Enrique says:

    really interesting. Thanks for you “easy” explanation and for the Moz extension. Personally, in my daily work, treatment to implement to my code, all the possible semantics. This is really good, for example, for a good indexing on the part of the finders.

    This is a “google” translation, I´m from Spain, and my english is very poor, sorry ;-)

  3. Si Jobling says:

    It’s funny how these snippets of code have been available to implement for such a long time but web developers forget to use them AND user agent developers have done pretty much nothing with them neither. They could improve the users experience so much but browser vendors overlook the important usability glitches and focus on the pretty nice-to-haves.

    Let’s hope IE’s shift towards Standards-compliant browsers is a promising direction and that Microsoft (and Mozilla) focus more on accessibility and semantic use of existing technologies in their future developments.

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