Punkchip’s 2nd Birthday

Punkchip is 2 years old on Saturday, 16 December. I like that it falls at the end of the year as I can lump 2 possible posts together (end of year round up and another year online) and spend less time at the computer. I came across another nice meme at ThePickards last week and it’s been nicely designed to make it easy to sum up the year gone by.

The rules of this one are easy; just note down the first line from the first post in each of the last 12 months and voilà!

The only New Year’s celebration that I had enjoyed up until this holiday was when I was a teenager with my best friend watching the festivities on television.
Read: New Year in Belgium
In October 2005 Microsoft started it’s 2nd wave of beta testing to a lucky 200,000 customers to introduce Windows Live Mail Beta.
Read: Windows Live Mail Beta
A few months ago, the company I work for wanted me to migrate our existing application to PDAs or smartphones.
Read: Web Applications on PDAs
Today marked the start of the 2006 Gumball 3000 Rally from Pall Mall in London.
Read: Gumball 3000 Rally
(This was a quiet month – no posts!)
The WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 1.0, Priority 2 Checkpoint 3.4, states that you should:
Read: WCAG: Relative and Absolute Units
I first heard about microformats during the first @media conference in 2005, but didn’t understand what they were about so didn’t think any more about them.
Read: Quick Guide to Microformats
Approximately 10 years ago I passed my driving test and from what I can remember I was a quiet and calm driver.
Read: Road Rage
Last Friday (2006-11-08) I was at d.Construct, a web conference held in Brighton.
Read: d.Construct 2006
In a recent article, Marco Battilana wrote about how he ensured his standards-compliant designs remained so after handing them over to a client.
Read: Helping the Developers
I’ve picked this up from ThePickards, who had picked it up from Stephen Lang.
Read: A Literary Meme
The Feeling is one of those bands that seem to fly just below my music radar.
Read: The Feeling – Rosé

It’s nice to see I’ve managed to do about a 50/50 split in personal versus technical posts. The original mission of this blog was to keep me on my toes, learning new things and not for it to degrade into a LiveJournal account of my life.

Now for some mind-numbing statistics, but nice for narcissistic reasons.

Request for Pages
Year #requests #pages
2004—2005 100,541 57,131
2005—2006 397,551 215,862

That’s well over a 250% rise from last year. I somehow doubt I can keep up that level of rise though, but we’ll see.