Magnetic Block Puzzle

I bought a new iPhone game the other day called Magnetic Block Puzzle and turns out it’s quite fun and thought I’d recommend it to you all.

It’s priced at £1.19 (or $2 depending which Apple Store you’re using) and for the game content I think it’s worth the splash. It’s less than the price of a cup of coffee but lasts longer and is much more addictive!

View a screenshot from the game

On each puzzle your task is to join the colored blocks, which are special magnets that stick to other blocks of the same color, by tilting the puzzle to make the blocks move.

The blocks may be joined in any fashion – many puzzles have more than one solution. When the puzzle is tilted, all blocks that are not prevented from moving by other blocks or by walls slide as far as they can in the direction of the tilt. Magnetic blocks on either side of a wall stick to each other and are considered to be joined. White, transparent blocks are not magnetic they do not need to be joined. They often get in the way, but are vital in helping solve some puzzles!


I’ve given this app 5 out of 5 stars in the Apple Store and at last look other reviewers thought the same.

Use this link to go directly to the app store to download Magnetic Block Puzzle.

Screenshot from the game

A screenshot of Magnetic Block Puzzle