Quick Tip: JAWS and Enlarged Icons

This is quite a specific tip, but one that caused me quite a bit of frustration.

The Problem

Each time I run the JAWS screen-reader software (version 7.0) on Windows XP, it nearly doubles the size of some icons on the screen. The ones that you find next to the clock in the taskbar, the quick-launch icons and also the small icon in the top left-hand corner of each window. They remain enlarged even when you exit JAWS and the computer restarted.

I’m not sure if this is a bug in JAWS or just something it should be doing to help users (I’m pretty sure it’s a bug). I can’t find any other documentation on why it would happen, only a couple of other users with the same problem in JAWS 6.0, who were trying to find a solution.

The solution

I can’t find the original reference point for this, but the solution is quite simple. JAWS seems to modify the current display theme and as there is no single property for the icons you have to reset the whole theme:

  1. Access the Display Properties (either by right-clicking the Desktop and selecting Properties, or through the Control Panel)
  2. Stay on the Themes tab – the theme drop down will either show “Modified Theme” or “Windows XP”
  3. If “Modified Theme” – select “Windows XP”
  4. If “Windows XP” – select any other theme, then reselect “Windows XP”
  5. Click Apply and wait for it to be reset


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