Headaches & Remedies

Since the age of 17 I have suffered from frequent headaches that last for at least 24 hours. At their worst, I get 3 per week and at best I don’t get any for a couple of weeks. They can range from being so bad that the pain makes me feel sick, to feelings of mild fugginess in my head/eyes.

Causes & Cures

I have been to the doctors many times about it and been given prescriptions and advice galore. I have come to the conclusion that these headaches are caused by stress, which is caused by my constant state of worry with my forehead feeling permanently furrowed. Even if I have nothing to worry about, I’ll manage to find something, however trivial, to work out of all proportions.

Unfortunately I think it is also exacerbated by looking at a monitor for long periods in a day, which I can’t really do a lot about as it’s my job to use a computer. Last year, for a few days I tried taking a short break every hour which did help, but I think my colleagues thought I had a problem controlling my bladder. The other advice I’ve heard for people spending long periods at a computer, is to look into the long distance to relax your eyes – but this may look like you’re daydreaming, so don’t blame me if you get told off.

My Tactics

I try to drink water through the day, but if I’m not thirsty then I find it difficult to force the water down. I usually end up drinking about 5 or 6 cups a day (no idea how many pints this is, but probably not even 1) which isn’t really enough and should bring a litre bottle in and try to finish it in a day. So if water drinking and day-dreaming don’t work and I start getting a headache, then I’ve been told by the trusty doctor to take any tablets as soon as I feel it coming on. My tabs of choice are Syndol and they are specifically for tension headaches and I strongly recommend them to anyone who finds that normal ibuprofen, paracetamol and asprin don’t do a thing.

I’m Starting to Rattle

If I added up all the tablets I’ve taken for headaches over the years, I’d have enough to open my own drug store. A nurse once told me she was taking so many paracetamols for her headaches that she ended up damaging her liver and had to go to hospital. I’ve always said to myself that I’m probably going to die of liver failure from headache tablets, but let’s hope not eh?

So knowing that it can’t be good for you to keep putting chemicals into your body it makes you not want to take these things every time you get a headache. There are other products such as Tiger Balm and 4head that are applied externally, but I’ve found these to be ineffective for my needs. Searching for the products just mentioned, I just stumbled across this noticeboard on Headaches in the USA and it’s very amusing:

One day I had a bad headache and I had tried everything. There was a lime on the counter and I sliced it in half. I rubbed it on my forehead and the pain went away. Just rub half of a lime on your forehead. Hope this helps.

Source: Susie Camorans

I don’t think I’d manage that unless I’d first dipped myself in salt and drunk *a lot* of Tequila! Let’s be thankful she wasn’t making chicken soup that day.

Lost Hope

It’s a distant dream where I don’t get headaches every week, I’ve basically come to the conclusion that it’s when, not if, the next headache will come. I feel like I’ve tried everything feasible to help and wish I could just take 2 paracetamol and for them to disappear in 30 minutes like everyone else.