Done: Got Job. To Do: Move Out

In 3 weeks time I will be leaving my current job and starting work as an E-Commerce Developer. I’ve really loved working for my current company, but it’s time to move my career on in the direction that I want it to go in. My passion lies in front-end development of web sites and applications and this new job will allow me to put my skills in accessibility and web standards into practice.

What exactly do you do all day?

If you right click anywhere on this page and select “View Page Source” in Firefox or “View Source” in IE you will see the basis of what I code on a daily basis. I’ll be using XHTML, CSS and JSP (which you can’t see on the client-side) to create/update the corporate websites and to start work on a new e-commerce project.

As well as this I will have to send out millions of HTML emails to clients each month, which sounds a bit daunting but I have been assured that the 65 step process has been well thought-out and used many times with success.

Next Step: Letting Agency Spam

For the last 2 months I’ve been telling myself that as soon as I get a new job I will start looking for a place to rent in London. It’ll mean ditching the wage-drain of my car and cutting down on the 3.5 hour travel time to work so hopefully I’ll be saving some money in the long run. I’d love to buy, but can only afford a studio room in random run-down areas that I’ve never heard of before.

Roll on summer in the city!


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  1. How says:

    Yay! Nice one on getting the new gig. Congrats :)

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