Goodbye 2014

A brief round up of what I did this year, mainly for myself but you can read it if you want.

A jQuery plugin for mobile date input

Not sure if this is of any real use, but it was a good side project to look at how to make a jQuery plugin. I wouldn’t stare too hard at any of the code, it’ll make you cry.

Mobile date selector demo page redesign

I did a quick update of this site, the previous design was looking tired and too pink.

Accessible HTML video as background

Accessible video seems to be one of my ‘things’ now. Following the success of my previous articles on autoplay I decided to have a think about a new fad that’s cropped up a lot recently where a full page or whole panel video plays behind the hero content of a website.

Read my article on accessible HTML video as background

Started using CodePen

I love the idea of CodePen and it’s proved to be an excellent way to collaborate on code. Pair programming with none of the bad breath and personal space invasion!

emmasax on CodePen

Hacker News – Why don’t you use Bootstrap

This was an O.M.G moment when my post got to the front page of Hacker News and I had no idea about it until it started getting a LOT of comments. Many are not complimentary but it was good to see it stir up discussion.

Read Why don’t you use Bootstrap

The Hacker News page – with a lot of additional bile discussion.

Let’s meet in the middle

A side-project. Read more about the implementation.

Try Let’s meet in the middle

New job at M&S Labs

The big news is that I’m leaving Forward Partners and joining the team at M&S Labs. It will be sad to say goodbye to the Forward Group after three and a half years (equal time spent between uSwitch and Forward Partners), but I’m excited to get stuck into my new job in the New Year!

Read more about M&S Labs

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