Don’t Forget your Mobile

Shopping to alleviate the boredom

I arrived at Bluewater shopping centre just before 11am this morning. I still had a little time to sort myself out and then give my friend a ring to say I was here, and where shall we meet. I took the face off my stereo and slipped it into my handbag at the same time taking out my mobile…

My mobile!

Where was it? Had it fallen out of my bag on the journey? Had someone stolen it as I filled up with petrol at the motorway service station?


My brain kindly then generated an image – my bedroom… my bed with duvet piled up untidily… pillows strewn to the side and yes, inbetween the 2 was my mobile. Quietly sitting exactly where I had left it after it had rudely awoken me at 9am with its ‘Ibiza Party’ tones and excited vibrations.

Back in the car. Bum. Before Mobile Times (BMT) I would have called to arrange a solid time and a proper place to meet near. But no, I had just nonchalantly texted my friend the night before asking if he fancied meeting up, as I was in the area. I’d be there from 11am and he could give me a ring whenever he arrived. Which he did, many times.

In the old days…

Why didn’t I just give him a ring from a public phone? Present Mobile Times (PMT) the only telephone numbers I remember are those that I knew BMT – such as my home, mum’s mobile, dad’s work – or those that just happen to be easy to remember – taxi (565656), emergency (999) and unfortunately my ex-boyfriend’s mobile.

It was so frustrating, I couldn’t plan anything, except for what I could do on my own. I even drove all the way to his house to see if he was there – and he wasn’t – it could have been avoided with a quick call – Are you in? No quick drink on the way through town with another friend, which I would usually have done – I’m on my way home, fancy meeting for a cheeky pint? Just had to cut the day short and drive home.

I should have learnt something from this. Perhaps write down friends’ numbers and keep them in my purse? Keep a small phone book in my handbag? Increase my brain function to remember some more numbers? It’s all unnecessary 99.9% of the time.

The other 0.1%? Just moan about it.

People who say “how did people meet up before mobile phones?”

You stupid short-sighted ignorant **** you, they fucking well organised to meet at a certain time and place and then met there instead of pr*cking about telling each other “i’m on the bus….no, THE BUS. i’ll be in town in a few minutes, i’ll ring you when i’m 30 seconds away and we’ll arrange somewhere to meet and then we can phone each other every 2 minutes to reconfirm it.”

funcking ****S.

From Holy Moly
Warning, contains very strong language.
These are some angry guys!


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  1. paul haine says:

    Holy Moly is blocked from work, apparently it’s in the ‘tasteless’ category. Shame, it sounds good.

  2. Emma says:

    You shouldn’t *really* be reading this either – especially after lunch hour. Disgraceful behaviour for your first week at work.

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