Crazy – Gnarls Barkley

This is the lastest offering being pimped by Radio 1 and features on the television advert for Zane Lowe’s show. I’m quite glad that Radio 1 is still playing stuff that I love the first time I hear it because I’m way outside of their target audience age (15-24).

You can hear the song and others from the album at the Gnarls Barkley – Official Site

Perhaps Gnarls Barkley will never fully reveal himself. But if St. Elsewhere [his album] is any indication, his music bears Marvin Gaye’s depth of feeling, Jeff Buckley’s emotive theatrics, and wild courage not seen since Prince’s prime. Behold the most exciting debut of 2006. A psychedelic soul masterpiece. Gnarls Barkley may not be easily located, but he won’t be a stranger.


Release Dates

The single is release 3 April 2006 and the album, St. Elsewhere, is released on 24 April 2006. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn out to be another “that’s the only good song on the album” album.


The lyrics for Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy. They aren’t the most profound lyrics ever penned, but I think the sound of the music makes up for it.

Update 2006-07-01: New single out called “Smiley Faces”, as good as “Crazy” and perfect for summer!