Congratulations.. its a blog!

Blog is the new black it seems.

From a family showing off their new arrival to the geek transfixed by the quiet hum of his computer – everyone wants to tell the world what they are thinking. Do I?

Well, don’t expect anything too radical on punkchip. Although I’ve been attempting to create web pages for many years, it is only now that I have plucked up the courage to buy a domain and get it hosted. The design won’t appear for a while, as it’s still just ideas in my head – but when/if it does I’ll be using it as a testing ground.

My main interests at present are the hot topics web standards and the usability of web applications. After soaking them up for the past year, I feel I am ready to show myself.

So here is my first post, ready for the poking.


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  1. Small Paul says:

    Heh! Launched on my birthday.

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