26 Years Old, Tomorrow

I’m getting old, tipping over the edge on the slippery slope to 30. Luckily I haven’t noticed any wrinkles yet and I don’t physically feel old, but when I say the number out loud it just sounds like a lot of years! Just think how parents must feel when they realise they have children who are 26 – sorry mum.

So, at what point in your life did you start to feel old?

10 comments on “26 Years Old, Tomorrow”

  1. Have you seen the liverspots she has on her hands now? Shocking. I swear my ninety-odd year old grand mother is in better nick then our M.

  2. tell me about it… the varacous veins on the backs of her legs scare little kids in the street.

  3. Perhaps we should stop this and compliment her? I’ll go first. M … errr … you have lovely elbows.

  4. I’ve just been told that the question is “when did you start to feel old?”. so the answer, about two years ago (I was 23, well, maybe 24) and I hooked up with a girl who turned out to be 17. However, having just been called a child, I’m not feeling so old.

  5. I got the shock of my life last Friday and realised just how old I have become. Here’s the situation. I’m in a rock club, I see a young lady in a corset, suspenders and skimpy little kecks. Two thoughts entered my mind when I saw this vision, the first was “She must be cold” and the second “How does she leave the house dressed like that?”. It was a sad, sad day for me indeed.

  6. I felt old when I realised there are now people starting uni that were born after Kylie had her first number one hit!

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