Maintaining the user journey with HTML 5 web storage

The HTML 5 specification includes a web storage API for data storage in web clients. It means we can store large amounts of data, client-side, to read and write to as we like without causing the site to slow down (when compared to using cookies). Continue reading

Mac App Store: What’s the point of it?

Last week Apple launched the Mac App Store where you can download free and paid-for applications for your Mac just as you can on your iPhone and iPad.

After a root around it myself, I can’t imagine I’ll ever use it. So who is it for? Continue reading

jQuery Cookie problem – persistence and duplication

I’ve started to use cookies to maintain user state and the jQuery Cookie plugin provides simple functions to create, read and delete cookies. However, I came across a problem where state didn’t appear to be persisting and on viewing the cookie information, using the web developer toolbar, I had multiple versions of the same cookie. Continue reading