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Front-end developer essentials – 5 tips for efficient jQuery

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Over the last few months I’d like to think my skills in jQuery have got a lot better, I’ve been using it everyday and for more than just showing and hiding areas of a page. Along the way I’ve read about a few ways in which you can make your code a bit more efficient. (more…)

My review of Amazon’s Kindle (3rd generation)

Monday, December 6th, 2010

I recently bought myself Amazon’s new Kindle and whilst I really like it, the only people I’d feel happy recommending it to are those that travel and read a lot! I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and I’ve come up with a few thumbs up and few thumbs down for it: (more…)

WAI-ARIA to enhance form validation

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

As a follow on from WAI-ARIA states and properties: Practical examples, I wanted to write up a bit more of what I’ve been adding to my current project. These examples all fall under how to cope with form validation and giving assistive-technology AT a view of what is going on. (more…)