Front-end developer essentials – which DTD to use?

A DTD (document type definition) tells the browser what version of (X)HTML you are coding your web page in. Standards compliant pages must contain a DTD as the first item on the page otherwise it will not validate. Which one should you use? Continue reading

Quick tip: Live event not trapping submit in IE

This problem manifested itself when a user clicked submit from a form that had been loaded in using AJAX to a jQuery UI dialog box.

Everything was fine in my development browsers, but in IE the user would be posted off to a new page. Continue reading

The accesskey attribute – do we still need it?

The accesskey attribute has been part of the HTML specification for over ten years and its purpose is to give keyboard users a shortcut to access a specific area of the page or to jump to a different page. In HTML5 the accesskey may be used on any element, but do web developers still need to use it? Continue reading